Chamber Drawings

Some questions about the drawings that accompany some of the reamers in the shopping cart.  These drawings are representative of the chamber they are labeled for.  Sources do not always indicate if a drawing is for the chamber or the brass so the dimensions could vary.  If you need exact dimensions for a reamer you should ask. 

Case capacity as listed in these drawings is for a case filled to the top of the mouth, standard for comparisons in the firearms industry.  The software that creates the drawings estimates the case capacity.  So, the numbers work great for comparing one case to another because the software is a consistent base line.  You should however check a fully formed case if you want accurate data for your gun.  These estimated values are very accurate, but every brass lot will vary in wall thickness and therefore in case capacity.

Case capacity is not a parameter that is set by SAAMI or CIP.

The purpose of the drawings is to allow you to insure that you are getting the basic case design that you expected when you rent a chamber reamer from 4D Reamer Rentals.


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